For some Dorks and Cunst, also featuring L.L. Cruel T


Design for studio sketches from the Cavernous Cave.

I will try and get an excerpt of music up when I work that out


Under the Influence of Gravitation

Here is the final flyer design for 'Under the Influence of Gravitation' happening on the 23rd. Art Direction by Joseph Addison



Draft illustration for satellites and BMX converging on a flat surface


Arthur and Albert first issue

My illustration in the magazine for Claire Wiginton's article 'iTreasure'.

Original image for magazine.

Here is my contribution to the first issue of new magazine Arthur and Albert that takes in fashion, art, culture and other things of such nature . You can read the interesting article on geo-cashing by Claire Wigington. You can read the whole issue on their website, or pick up your own real life copy out and about.

Menagerie Part 2

Jake Blanchard's LP "Menagerie Part 2" has been available for a little while now, so sorry for the late posting. It features an illustration by me that accompanies WAND's contribution for the LP "Favorite Song".

There are a few reviews of it out there, here's a link to the Creative Review and Design Week articles.

You can order them off Jake's website and also from Norman Records.

Illustrations by Jake Blanchard (left page) and myself (right page).
Front Cover by Jake Blanchard

Submission for Menagerie 2

My submission for Menagerie part 2, to accompany Wand's track 'Favorite Song'. Menagerie is an LP out soon curated by Jake Blanchard.


Further adventures West

...more work on West project

Logo for Old Apple Consulting Ltd.

A logo I designed for Bath based Old Apple Consulting Ltd.

Page 1

A sneak peak at the first page of an ongoing book project I'm working on.



Work in progress for a collaborative with James Trimmer for forthcoming West exhibition in Birmingham.


Your no oil painting

T-shirt design done in collaboration with Partly Civil.


ornamental ink

Here's a drawing of a peanut that I did for Ornamental Conifer. Ink handy work by Eszti at Happy Sailor.


Proposed cover for DüM EP

Rough proposal for DüM's debut EP


Postcards to Alphaville (2)

A portrait of Lisa Benjamenta from Institute Benjamenta. Second piece for Paul Paper's Postcards to Alphaville



Proposal for I Prompt You project to make a fake band... Friegland! the one man band.



Hitchhiker en route to the mirt procession


Collaboration stations with Tenneb

Here are a couple of drawings Nic Bennett and me worked on together.


Postcards to Alphaville

A postcard to Roberto in Down By Law for Paul Paper

mirt procession